So Easter break has ended, kids are back at school, parents are back at work (as if parents got any break at all), it’s time to summarize the Easter Junior Tennis Camp experience…

Our tennis camp starts at 10 am and ends at 12:30 pm (half day) or 4 pm (full day).

After temperature screening, we would ask campers to line up on the court facing their instructor, that’s when the warm-ups start. An instructor would show students the exercises and ask kids to do the same movements to prepare their bodies for few hours of tennis activities.

After warmups, juniors would be divided into groups according to their skill levels and that’s when the main fun begins. There will be drills of various intensity, play for score, games like touch the fence, offense-defense, king of the hill, etc. Younger players would get more drills that help develop hand-eye coordination while more experienced campers would be involved in more tactical and fast-paced activities. Individual approach is key!

We had many participants this time, we are really proud that we had an opportunity to work with kids of all ages and levels. Some players who attend our camps are first comers and absolutely new to tennis while others are well-experienced players having won dozens of USTA tournaments. No matter what level you are or what tennis background you have, you will have a wonderful time, leave with new knowledge and experience, and make a lot of friends.